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We believe that TechEd Connect can fill your executive needs and assist you in setting up a successful hiring structure that will increase your company’s ability to move forward into the future. We believe that our experience and insight in finding the right candidates will save you both time and money. Based on our past performance and our commitment to helping companies realize their goals, we are confident we can continue to add significant value to your business. Our main concern is developing and retaining a long-term relationship and finding the specific talent needed to enable revenue growth.

  • Partner with TechEd Connect to find the best candidates to complete your team or grow a territory.

  • TechEd Connect makes every effort to enable revenue growth by partnering with A+ performers who are not actively searching for career opportunities.

  • TechEd Connect has the ability to reach candidates that are not within your reach. We tap into the candidate who is not actively seeking employment but busy performing at their jobs.

  • TechEd Connect has the advantage of seeing the process of hiring objectively as an outside observer. We can see the bigger picture of overall corporate strategic goals without the organizational or political entanglements that can inhibit hiring goals.

Our clients represent a select group of organizations across the Education and Education Technology industries.

Faced with increasing revenue goals, our clients understand they need to continually learn new ways to remain competitive. We are honored to have gained our clients’ trust and to partner with them to solve their recruiting and revenue growth challenges.

We understand that your business challenges are unique as a result of various internal or external factors. That is why our approach will always be customized to your particular situation and outcome objectives.

A sample of the challenges we have helped our clients resolve:

  • Poorly organized selection practices that were not producing best-fit hires

  • Leaders who were burned out, not developing their teams, or who needed to fast-track to the next role

  • Change that seemed to be constant with people growing weary and resistant to further change

  • Questions or challenges about effective management of individuals or teams working remotely