Our Expertise

We take pride in our organization’s emphasis on providing you with superior service. We operate philosophically as if we are the client company. Our standards are very simple – we don’t represent any firm for whom we would not work, and we don’t represent candidates we would not hire to work for us.

We follow-up consistently with both the client and hired candidate to ensure we have made the right match.

Our range of services include:

  • Review client needs and specific candidate qualifications by individual search

  • Establish a pool of qualified candidates that fit client specifications

  • Interview and select top 3-5 candidates

  • Reference check candidates

  • Refer final candidates for initial interviews (usually 2 or 3)

  • Monitor interview process and communications for client and candidates

  • Help manage job offer as client desires

  • Follow-up 2-3 months later with client and hired candidate to ensure successful placement

We recruit and place leaders who transform their companies, their markets, and create significant shareholder value along the way. The bottom line, we help our clients win the war for talent, which is paramount for their business survival and growth.