Executive Recruitment

Top talent is hard to find. If we are the right executive search firm for you, we want to hear from you. To be considered for executive leadership positions or individual contributor roles with technology software companies please send your resume to: info@techedconnect.com

A strong relationship with an executive recruiter can make a significant difference in your career. Recruiters can serve a purpose beyond just recruiting. We can be great career advisers in terms of making strategic moves within your organization, and they can be key advisers in terms of independently helping you assess other opportunities.

Recruiters respond to candidates that go out of their way to be considerate of their time, who follow-up, and candidly discuss any concerns or issues. Conversely, candidates who leave a poor impression on an executive recruiter can significantly damage their career prospects.

The recruiting community, communicate with one another even among competing firms. We cross-check data about our candidates before we submit them to clients. If people have a great reputation within this recruiting community, they are going to have significant options throughout their career.

Our referrals to other executive recruiting firms can greatly enhance the job possibilities for candidates who understand how to work with us.

Fostering the relationship:

  • Prompt and thorough communication

  • NEVER fabricate your salary plan

  • Referrals of candidates for roles you may not be interested

  • Be a straight-shooter; just as in any business situation, there are no “good surprises”

  • Recognize the quality of your referrals are a reflection on you and your ability to assess talent

  • Make sure recruiters have a comprehensive understanding of your entire compensation plan