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TechEd Connect matches quality candidates with outstanding companies on a national level. We recruit in both the K-12 and Higher Ed space and have an outstanding reputation for placing leaders in organizations of all sizes. Our vetting process is extensive and focuses on experience, attitude, and cultural fit within an organization.

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What we do for clients


Recruiting Passionate Leaders in K-12 & Higher Ed

What we do for candidates



Shannon Bancroft


Why Us?

We take pride in our organization’s emphasis on providing you with superior service. We operate philosophically as if we are the client company. Our standards are very simple – we don’t represent any firm for whom we would not work, and we don’t represent candidates we would not hire to work for us. We follow-up consistently with both the client and hired candidate to ensure we have made the right match.

"We recruit and place leaders who transform their companies, their markets and create significant shareholder value along the way. The bottom line, we help our clients win the war for talent, which is paramount for their business survival and growth."

Our range of services include:

  • Review client needs and specific candidate qualifications by individual search

  • Establish a pool of qualified candidates that fit client specifications

  • Interview and select top 3-5 candidates

  • Reference check candidates

  • Refer final candidates for initial interviews (usually 2 or 3)

  • Monitor interview process and communications for client and candidates

  • Help manage job offer as client desires

  • Follow-up 2-3 months later with client and hired candidate to ensure successful placement

Our Work with Clients

We believe that TechEd Connect can fill your executive needs and assist you in setting up a successful hiring structure that will increase your company’s ability to move forward into the future. Our main concern is developing and retaining a long-term relationship and finding the specific talent needed to enable revenue growth.

Faced with increasing revenue goals, our clients understand they need to continually learn new ways to remain competitive. We are honored to have gained our clients’ trust and to partner with them to solve their recruiting and revenue growth challenges.

We understand that your business challenges are unique as a result of various internal or external factors. That is why our approach will always be customized to your particular situation and outcome objectives.

A sample of the challenges we have helped our clients resolve:

  • Poorly organized selection practices that were not producing best-fit hires

  • Leaders who were burned out, not developing their teams, or who needed to fast-track to the next role

  • Change that seemed to be constant with people growing weary and resistant to further change

  • Questions or challenges about effective management of individuals or teams working remotely

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"Shannon has been an amazing partner and resource for me. I would not have the resume I have today if it wasn't for her! It has been a pleasure working with TechEd Connect, and I couldn't ask for a better recruiter."​

- Tyler Maxwell, Inside Sales Account Manager at Stemscopes

Running Up

Our Work with Candidates

A strong relationship with an executive recruiter can make a significant difference in your career. Recruiters can serve a purpose beyond just recruiting. We can be great career advisers in terms of making strategic moves within your organization, and they can be key advisers in terms of independently helping you assess other opportunities.


As part of our interview preparation process, we provide you information regarding the company and position that you are pursuing. We think it is important to understand where a company has been and where they are going. We believe it is important for you to know where those organizations need to improve.

We offer personalized interview coaching and techniques prior to meeting with one of our clients. This process enables you to be well informed and confident during the actual interview process.

We also provide a series of potential interview questions. In reviewing the questions, you are afforded the opportunity to consider SITUATIONS you have encountered relative to each question, the ACTIONS you took and the quantifiable RESULTS of the experiences that you are conveying during an interview.


  • We arrange and coordinate the timing of your interview with our client(s).

  • We work with you prior to the interview to ensure you are well prepared.

  • Once you’ve completed your interview we discuss your thoughts regarding the position, company, and culture to discover if you have an interest in moving forward.

  • We also discuss your interview with the employer’s hiring manager and provide you with feedback regarding your interview. We share positive and constructive feedback as coaching tools for future interviews or searches.

  • We are involved with our clients in putting together an equitable, compensation package and job offer for you, the candidate.

Career Goal Building


What are current and future positions that you’re interested in pursuing?

  • Are you interested in relocating nationally?

  • Are you focusing on a single location?

  • Is there an area that doesn’t work for you?

  • By understanding your current compensation, we are able to present opportunities that are appropriate with your skills and experiences.

  • Is there anything else that you wish us to take into consideration such as dual careers, family situations, or special needs of your children?

Resume Creation

  • We provide sample resumes as well as tips on information to include in your resume

  • Your resume will be thoroughly reviewed prior to submitting it to any of our clients. We will ensure that you accurately and professionally communicate your work experiences and accomplishments.

  • Since we understand our candidates both professionally and personally, we are able to present opportunities that are of mutual interest to the candidate and the employer. Our objective is to present positions to our candidates that they will be interested in pursuing.

Other Considerations

At TechEd Connect, we continue to help you progressively build and develop your skill set. Our executive recruiters offer career advice, consultation, and insight into the direction of the Technology Education industry. At TechEd Connect, we assist you with resume development or with updating your resume.

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Shannon Bancroft

President & Owner

Shannon Bancroft is a results-oriented executive recruiter that brings a depth of experience, intuition, and a fierce initiative to helping companies identify high-level sales and marketing talent. She has experience in human resource management and administrative decision-making, she is constantly working hard to ensure we are moving forward and growing as a team.


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Margareta Bancroft


Margareta comes from over 20 years of experience in technology and education. She is a recognized leader in the development and growth of technology curriculum in the Encinitas School District in San Diego. Margareta's unique ability to foresee critical talent within an organization and position the right people together for success has provided TechEd Connect an incredibly powerful network of talent to leverage for our clients.